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Top 35 Forex Forums, Discussions and Message Boards in 2022

This could also help traders discover several forums that are specifically for beginner traders. Traders will be able to appreciate the articles as time passes and they get some trading experience. Here at Forex Lasers, we provide traders with the latest forex systems, tools and indicators to aid one’s trading, in addition to broker reviews and discussion. Discuss different trading platforms, indicators & technical tools.

The website is well-known for its strong position on forex brokerages, with the website’s forum serving as a traders court where users can voice their concerns against brokerages and FX service providers. The administrators of the forum then ask representatives from the firms to express their case or take action in response to the consumer complaint. Access to information, according to trade experts, is crucial, especially if an individual wants to excel in this profession. New traders can learn about market trends, how to start forex trading, which trading ideas to avoid, and other trading-related information. While on these boards, new traders may make friends or get trading instructions. If traders want to stay up to date on the newest developments in the forex market and other similar industries, they should join these forums.

Invest Social forum is a forex-focused community that offers attractive reward programs to members who participate in its forums. This section is for the discussion of all forex and cryptocurrency related topics. Welcome to, where serious traders find serious trading tools. Explore our Analysis Tools, Economic Calendar, Trader’s Checklist, ForexTips Forums where you can chat with other traders from around the world, and more. Our Forex forum gives Forex traders an opportunity to get and share FX-related information and communicate with other currency traders.

If you want to trade successfully look up trading breakouts – this is a simple way to make money which involves buying and selling new market lows or highs. Most big trends hire solutions architect start from these so going with breakouts is an excellent methodology. Trading in securities can lead to significant losses, that may exceed your initial investment.

Some of the best forex brokers have forums or chat rooms where you can communicate with other traders. Choosing a broker that is licensed in your country is also the best way to start making money in the forex market. In addition to this, users will find plenty of threads related to order execution, automated trading, technical analysis, app development, strategy building, risk management, trading psychology, and more. One of the more unique areas of discussion within the EliteTrader forum is the professional trading section.

Unlike most of the forums in this list, DailyFX is owned by a leading broker, FXCM, and the content is tailored towards their clients. However, there is plenty on here to interest customers of other brokerages, and it’s certainly one of the most active forums in the FX community. In addition to the very well populated English language forum, there are also sub-forums in eight other languages, including Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. A unique aspect of the Trade2Win forum is the “Trading career” section.

There are many forex brokers available, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. However, there are certain tips you can follow to find the best broker for you. For instance, it is important to make sure that the broker has a high reputation.

Some of the best forex brokers have email support, so it is important to find the right service for your needs. If you are a beginner, the best forex broker should have a live chat option to help you out. For those that are interested in getting the latest news in the currency markets, the MT5 cash account trading violations forum has a nice Forex news section. One of the best-known features within the Forex factory platform is its economic calendar. An economic calendar is an essential tool for virtually every Forex trader, regardless of whether they engage in trading based on technical or fundamental analysis.

While the MT5 forum seems to have hoovered up quite a substantial chunk of the Metatrader user community, this forum, which is dedicated to MT4 and its programming language MQL4. A currency trading forum can be a great starting place for new and aspiring traders. It can help in understanding the different trading methods and techniques used by more experienced traders. Additionally, you will have access to a like-minded community that you can tap into to have your market related questions answered.

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InvestSocialis a place to discuss trading strategies, economy and political reviews. MT5 Forum | Forex Trading Forumsis the place for forex market forecasts, rvn price index independent opinions of novice traders and experts of the currency Forex market. Ask forex questions and share trade ideas, market analysis, latest update.

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Only recommend my trading strategies and which platforms I am having good results with. Or use the money to build new EAs or indicators for members of my forums. You can have the best risk management skills in the world – if your strategy doesn’t click. Learn various strategies and profitability techniques and even share your own.

Trade2Win is more than just a forex forum, it has sections for every financial market and trading instrument such as CFDs/spread betting, stocks & ETFs, indices, commodities, options and futures, cryptocurrencies. Forums and message boards have been the backbone for the online world of forex trading from the beginning of the industry. The ten thousand members can access the free eBooks that have been uploaded or read posts about technical analysis, risk management, or the best Forex trading platforms. Some of the events that have been posted are free online sessions, signals, and trading camps.


The second Facebook group, initiated in 2013, is Learn Forex with Profit Signals that, as the name may suggest, offers social Forex learning through daily posts. If you like what they offer in their free groups, you can also become a member to access more information and Forex charts. It is important to mention that this Forex channel does not provide any educational services. Forex Technical Analysis and Signal offers a premium account for those who understand price charts and would like to receive even more updates.

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Her stint as a legal assistant at a law firm equipped her to track down legal, policy and financial information. In addition to them, there are few more new and good forums like There are also pinned announcements with information on future courses or downloadable Forex videos through a link. This group has a file section with no uploads and a media folder with photos and videos about charts. Some of these are not explained, which leaves new traders without helpful information. This Facebook group specializes in free Forex suggestions and trading ideas for both beginners and advanced traders.

IG Community » Foreign Exchangeis a place to talk about anything relating to FX. Blogger Outreach or Influencer Marketing Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories.

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Within each of these subforums there are additional subtopics. The most popular threads are found in the general Forex conversation subtopic. Within trading discussion, threads that are related to technical analysis, primarily price action analysis is quite active. Within the platform tech category threads related to coding and programming expert advisors within the MetaTrader platform is quite popular.

You can see the upcoming and past events such as webinars or live trading streams available for the over 20 thousand members on the events tab. You can see posts by the admin or other members on the discussion section, where you can read and comment on ECN Forex brokers and trading. In this Facebook Forex group, the admin uploads around three posts a day for the almost twelve thousand members.

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This includes beginner questions, trading discussion, trading systems, community, broker discussion, trading tech and tools, bitcoin talk and crypto, global markets, commercial content, and the lobby. Another thing to consider is the regulatory body of the broker. You should choose a forex broker that is regulated in your country.

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Discuss anything related to FOREX with fellow Forex traders at the ForexAchievers forum. You have 4 losing pairs, and on top of that you are running at a 34% winning percentage which is not good. Overall your EA is making money, but based on the stats its a high risk set up for anyone to trade real money.

Trade2Win boosts a membership of close to 300,000, and these users account for over 1 million total posts across one hundred thousand threads. Each of these primary topic areas will include additional subtopics. As an example, one of the most popular topic areas is the trading discussion section. Within the trading discussion subforum, you will find discussions on currencies, economics, risk management practices, trade journals, trading lifestyle, and more. Keep in mind there are many other novice and inexperienced traders within these trading forums trying to find their own way. For those new to the stock market and forex trading, it’s recommended to start with the ‘First Steps’ section of the site.

The Bookshelf was founded by a group of Cornell students with the goal of bringing together thought leaders in the field of Educational Technology and cognitive psychology. Discover how to earn different forum titles and become a higher ranking member of the LITA community. Within the Forex Factory economic calendar, you are able to apply specific filters which will allow you to narrow or expand your search results. For example, one of the more useful filter settings is based on economic report impact.

In the discussion section, you are allowed to post or comment so as to read, share, or ask about Forex information. Other members promote their courses, ask questions, and talk about market movements. Forex Traders U.S.A is an excellent group if you want to communicate with other traders. You can ask questions and respond to posts about advanced trading subjects or topics for beginners.

The list wouldn’t be complete without reddit and it is a great place to meet and chat to the traders from around the world. The only problem here is the way it’s organised and it may be hard to find the topics you’re interested in but it’s still a great place to learn about forex and trading in general. Reception, markets, methods, trading career, commercial, and off the grid are the six categories in which they address.

If you’re serious about trading it makes sense to monitor the most visited forums to make sure you stay updated and most importantly you can read what other traders have to say and share. Ever since the dawn of online forex trading, messageboards and forums have formed the backbone of the online forex trading community. Here, we have collected the ten most popular forex forums online so that you can have a look for yourself – starting with the ubiquitous Forex Factory.

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